Privacy Policy

We protect physician, healthcare provider and business associate conversations when it comes to (ePHI) electronic patient health information. 

1. We provide verified users a secure network to communicate
Meaning: you own your data and share it with who you choose
2. We do not monitor or scrape healthcare user information or data
Meaning: we offer a compliant platform that encrypts all electronic patient health information (ePHI)
3. We do not sell your data and provide availability
Meaning: we allow you to communicate online or on a mobile device using a software as service model (SaaS)

Please read the entire Privacy Policy for Mediprocity:

  • Introduction & Commitment
  • What Information We Collect
  • Who Is Collecting The Information
  • How We Will Use The Information
  • With Whom The Information Will Be Shared
  • Important Information
  • Notification Of Changes
  • How To Contact Us


Mediprocity Inc. is the parent company, manager, and operator of the Mediprocity platform where protecting our healthcare provider’s privacy, security and identity is the most important piece of our company. Our goal is to maintain compliance with the highest standards of website privacy so our visitors may comfortably and safely use the site to obtain healthcare information, collaborate and connect with industry. As used here, “Mediprocity” means Mediprocity Inc. and where appropriate, its affiliated entities.

Mediprocity does collect public information to provide our database with a directory to connect with colleagues and to be able to search and categorize health-related topics. Protecting this data which is your information and being transparent about the ways we use it – is one of the core commitments Mediprocity makes to all our users. You entrust Mediprocity with your information, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our directory will include your name, office address and phone, specialty, medical school and other institutions or organizations you work for or trained/attended. We collect this information for two reasons only, to make it easier to identify and connect to your own personal information as well as for us to verify identities and keep this a secure healthcare provider network.

In order to fully register and use the Mediprocity platform, you will need to verify your identity starting out with basic information from our database and then having a live help-desk member confirm with you and activate your profile. We take our verification very seriously so that we know every healthcare provider is who they say they are on the Mediprocity platform. If a user will not verify with our live help desk their account will be closed and hidden from our network. If you choose to not participate in this verification process, then you will not be able to activate your profile on Mediprocity.

Prescribers: If you allow a third party to help set up your profile, such as an administrator in your office or nurse, that third party and you accept the terms of both the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the Mediprocity website.

Non-Prescribers: If you use Mediprocity you must be sponsored by an organization and your profile will be verified and associated with that organization. If you do not have an organization to sponsor you, you simply need to pay for your own account and act as your own super-admin to your organization.


Prescribers: Upon first registering on the site you will be asked to fill out the following fields: Full Name, Email, Create Username, Mobile Number, Zip Code, Credentials, State License Number, Year Graduated and Specialty.

Non-Prescribers: For a non-prescriber account you will also be asked to fill out the following fields: Full Name, Email, Create Username, Mobile Number, Zip Code, Credentials, and your Company. Your account may also be associated with an organization which will ask you to join you initially sign-up. Once you have been fully verified you will be given full access to the entire platform, until then you may use it in a limited access role.


Mediprocity highly encourages filling out your entire profile so other users on the system can identify you properly. You may add more information such as profile photo, other interests, work and education, hospital affiliation, awards and publications and a bio. All of this information you provide voluntarily and is accessible to anyone who is also a verified member of the Mediprocity network. We do not provide anyone your email address, phone number, state license or DEA number. Providing this information helps the database to allow you to connect and search for other colleagues on the network.

Users may only be searched by their full name and/or username they create. All other information is kept private with the exception of your company name, city name, and title.

All information used in registration and profile creation is only used for verification and to connect with colleagues, healthcare providers, and business associates. At no time do we use your name, contact information or background for the purpose of serving advertisements or to sell back to third parties.


We provide a simple invitation feature that allows you to reach out to other colleagues and invite them to join the platform. It is important to understand that Mediprocity is only open to physicians, healthcare providers and business associates in the United States. We will not share any information such as email, subject or discussion regarding the invitation to anyone.


Once you have set up your profile you should visit the My Account menu at the top of the website and set up all of your preferences. You may update all of your account information in this section, additionally, if you lose or have your mobile device stolen, simply change your password here to send a signal for automatic logout of the lost or stolen device.

What Information We Collect

Our system routinely collects information about origin and site navigation of website visitors. This information is used only to help us continually modify and tailor the site based on use patterns and, except for employment applications which are voluntarily submitted to us, is not linked to any personal identifying information. We do not collect any identifying or personal data of website visitors unless that information is submitted as part of a request for a support ticket, information, or in connection with employment applications.

Like most websites, Mediprocity uses cookies but only for internal tracking and site usage. Cookies are never shared with third parties and we do not use them to track our user’s activities on other websites.

A cookie is a tiny data file that lives on your own computer which allows Mediprocity to recognize you as a user quickly when you return from your same computer and same browser. “Stateful or Session” cookies are what we use on Mediprocity, this means that when you log out of the platform you will have to fully log yourself back in using your password and encryption key. We do not use “persistent” cookies which many sites use because it makes it easy to log back into the site. The reason we do not use persistent cookies is if someone gains control of your computer or device they will not be able to gain access to Mediprocity.

Mediprocity does not need to have cookies on our site to monitor data or information, our cookies are only for understanding user preferences and site usage. We do not make any money from the use of our cookies by selling any information to a third party.

Certain information you provide may reveal, or allow others to identify, your nationality, ethnic origin, religion or other aspects of your private life, and more generally about you. Please be aware that in providing information to Mediprocity for the purposes of opening your user account, you are expressly and voluntarily accepting the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and Mediprocity Terms & Conditions Agreement. The supplying of all such information by you to Mediprocity, including all information deemed “sensitive” by applicable law, is entirely voluntary on your part. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions Agreement, but please note that your withdrawal of consent will not be retroactive and will limit your use of the website or prevent you from becoming a new verified member.

You will always have the right to access, modify incorrect information, simply contact us directly at Mediprocity Support

You may also write us:

Mediprocity Inc., Attn: Privacy Policy – Mediprocity, 714 Spirit 40 Park Drive Suite 140, Chesterfield, MO 63005

Who Is Collecting The Information

The only people using aggregate website access information are Mediprocity employees, in particular, our web team and, where applicable, our employment team. If a visitor submits additional identifying information, that information is available only to Mediprocity staff and facilities who will be involved in implementing the requested activity.

Mediprocity only requires the following fields in a user’s profile in order to keep an active account on the system:

Non-Prescriber: First Name, Last Name, Company and a valid mobile phone number and email. The mobile phone and email are not displayed to the public and are never shared or used by any third parties. Mediprocity only collects this information in order to verify users and validate their accounts when they request updated credentials.

Prescriber: First Name, Last Name, Company, State License, Year Graduated and a valid mobile phone number and email. The mobile phone and email are not displayed to the public and are never shared or used by any third parties. Mediprocity only collects this information in order to verify users and validate their accounts when they request updated credentials.

Mediprocity may communicate with you directly through an organizational alert on the platform. All Mediprocity users are automatically assigned to the Mediprocity organization so that the support team may alert users for new updates to software, downtime on the system warnings and other important warnings.

At no time will Mediprocity EVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD OR ENCRYPTION KEY. You should never give this out to anyone.

How We Will Use The Information

For use patterns to be utilized by the web team and other appropriate Mediprocity staff to modify and enhance the website. Identifying individual information (such as name, e-mail, and phone) will be used only if requested by the user, such as a name change or update to email/phone. As mentioned above in this policy, this information is used mainly during the verification process and/or if you want to have notifications sent or credentials updated by Mediprocity help desk team.

Data is also collected and shared with other healthcare providers on our platform to help users more effectively and securely connect with one another. The information gathered about you on our platform is used to help connect you with other healthcare providers on the platform. That information only includes the following: First Name, Last Name, Credentials, Specialty, License, Company, Location, Zip, User Bio. The only fields required are First and Last Name.

With Whom Will The Information Be Shared

Mediprocity takes protecting our privacy of our users very seriously. We do not sell, share or release any information about website users to any third parties for marketing or other purposes.

Personal information about individual website users, as submitted as part of a service or information request, will not be shared in any way without specific consent from the user. Applicants for employment consent to release of personal information as described in and authorized by the employment application.

It is important to understand the full security features on our platform explained in this privacy policy so when Mediprocity is compelled by court order, on-going judicial proceeding, subpoena, other legal processes you fully understand what will be secure but not encrypted and what areas are encrypted. For the encryption areas of the Mediprocity platform, if compelled Mediprocity will notify the Super Admin of your account. When required by law, we may disclose information when legally compelled to do so because of responses to civil or criminal subpoenas, or other law enforcement personnel.

In the event of a reorganization or sale of the assets of Mediprocity, we may disclose your personal and other information you provide, to the new entity who is taking control of Mediprocity Inc. in a transfer or sale. The new entity of the Mediprocity assets will have the right to continue to use the personal and other information that you provide so long as it adheres to this privacy policy. It will be their responsibility to notify you of any changes or amendments made to this policy.

Important Information

As a verified user you have obligations to Mediprocity as well as your fellow healthcare colleagues to keep this a secure and private environment. It is up to you to read and understand the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and HIPAA statement of the Mediprocity website. If you see any suspicious or marketing (spam) interactions it is your responsibility to report these actions to Mediprocity by writing us at Mediprocity Support

Deactivate Account

If you choose to do so we have made it simple. You may alert your Super Admin for your organization who has the control to deactivate your account. Or, you may write Mediprocity support and we will deactivate your account.

If you deactivate your account all your personal information will be hidden from the Mediprocity viewable public database. If you have connected with colleagues using messages or participated in groups and discussions those messages/posts will remain on the platform. All content is retained on Mediprocity for six years to meet eDiscovery and certain state requirements under the law.


Why Mediprocity chooses to protect the way we do and why certain things are protected and certain things are not is simply for reasons to help the database move and understand information. We do not choose to have our security designed to help us sell or monitor information to third parties. Mediprocity is a verified and secure platform using SSL, HTTPS and other forms of protection to keep our verified user community and their information private. This makes us a secure website from the outside world and public view. We do not allow any search engine “bots” to enter our platform and we do not participate in the search engine optimization of profile pages except for the front page of our website.

Mediprocity at times will need to assist users in updating their encryption key if they have forgotten. It is important to know that Mediprocity security admin as well as any super-admin for your organization may “impersonate” your profile. What this means is they have access to your entire account, however, they only have read-only access to your messaging.

Mediprocity security admins have been trained under HIPAA and HITECH rules and have signed off on that training to never “impersonate” or “monitor” any user account unless specifically asked by that user in writing. Mediprocity security admin will only access the user’s account when requested by the user for a password or encryption key update.

Organization super-admins have a different security clearance to accounts that are paid for by that organization. Super-Admins will access the user’s account to update profile information and set preferences. Super-Admins will also be able to “impersonate” any user that is assigned to their organization at any time.

Notification of Changes

If Mediprocity changes this privacy policy, we will post those changes on the website so our users are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. Any such changes shall be effective as of the date they are posted on the website.

How to Contact the Web Team

If you have questions or comments about this privacy policy, please email us at Mediprocity Support or write us: 714 Spirit 40 Park Drive, Suite 140, Chesterfield, MO 63005 Attn: Privacy Department


You acknowledge, consent and agree that we may access, preserve, and disclose your registration and any other information you provide if required to do so by law or in a good faith belief that such access preservation or disclosure is reasonably necessary for our opinion to (1) comply with legal process, including, but not limited to, civil and criminal subpoenas, court orders or other compulsory disclosures; (2) enforce this Agreement; (3) respond to claims of a violation of the rights of third parties, whether or not the third party is a User, individual, or government agency; (4) respond to customer service inquiries; or (5) protect the rights, property, or personal safety of Mediprocity, our Users or the public. Disclosures of User information to third parties other than those required to provide customer support, administer this agreement, or comply with legal requirements are addressed in the privacy policy.

Mediprocity, Inc.
Attn: Privacy Policy – Mediprocity
714 Spirit 40 Park Drive Suite 140
Chesterfield, MO 63005

Equal Opportunity Employer

Mediprocity Inc., are each an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against any individual based on gender, race, color, nationality, age, religion, disability, or any other reason prohibited by law.

Mediprocity Inc.