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What We Do For You

If you can send a text message or add an attachment to an email you can begin using Mediprocity in seconds.
We always try and keep you up to date on news and information regarding HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

Why Join?

All U.S. based physicians, prescribers, healthcare providers and business associates are welcome to join.

Specific Features

Auto Sync
Extremely Flexible
Cloud Technology
Multi Device

Anytime, Anywhere

Mediprocity is simple and secure. The desktop and mobile applications are designed to be easy to use and remain HIPAA compliant. The system is always flexible by allowing access to Mediprocity from any computer or mobile device. Using Mediprocity is simply good business as it saves your organization time and money.

Mediprocity can help your organization address and put in place a proper mobile device policy.  Our administrative dashboard allows you to monitor staff use.

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Pricing Options

Mediprocity offers the most competitively priced secure messaging in the healthcare industry. Plans are based on the number of users in an organization and include training and support. Simply choose a plan and pay directly on the website through our protected e-commerce system.

Prescribers are free when you secure your staff!

Select the plan that is right for your organization. For accounts with more than 1,000 users contact us for a customized plan quote.

All accounts are billed per user/per month

Mid-Size A
Unlimited messages
Multiple devices
Free Mobile App
Distribution Lists
Set-Up Assistance
Set-Up Documents
24 Hour Help Desk
150 - 300 users

300+ Users or Private White-Label call for pricing (636) 812-0242

Cancel anytime, no contract required, no refunds given. Our team is standing by to answer your questions.

Plans of 15 users or less may require annual payment upfront unless paying by credit card monthly.


  • man1

    "Delays in communication no longer represent a delay in care. Our facility did a pilot study with Mediprocity and it showed that the average response time from doctors using Mediprocity’s app is 1-2 minutes, compared to 28 minutes when they used pagers and phones. I oversee a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals. With so many people involved, having fast, secure text messaging is critical to how we relay doctor’s orders and changes in patient status, and get nursing updates and therapy reports."

    Aaron Salyapongse, MD, Director of Hip and Knee Surgery at Valley Care Hospital




  • man2

    "Dr. Thompson dropped his phone just before he was to board a flight. Without Mediprocity, we may have been exposed to reporting a data breach, which would have been enormous negative exposure. Although he ended up locating his phone, knowing he was protected provided him the assurance that his patient's information was safe while the phone was "missing". This mobile-missing incident was a non-issue for Barnes Health Group because Mediprocity provided Dr. Thompson with the assurances he needed."

    Angella Woods, Barnes Health Group




  • man3

    "Mediprocity is the perfect tool for me to stay connected with my staff as I spend a lot of time in my car between facilities and screening prospective admissions. It allows me to receive current PHI in real time so when I meet patients to screen I show up prepared with all of the information that I need. It's a great time-saver."

    Mark Weible, Director of Operations, Wellington Management