Mediprocity’s easy "white label" branding lets our app blend seamlessly with your company’s logos and colors.

Any of Mediprocity's services can be customized for your customers using the colors, logos, and language they already recognize from your company.

Our technology, your logo 

Combine the competitive edge of Mediprocity’s technology, compliance, and support with the familiarity of own brand, logo & identity.

White-label branding makes our app look like you. We can build our app in your colors, and with your logos. Forms can display your company’s name and branding.

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We power it, you brand it

  • Seamless integration of your brand
  • Customize logos, fonts, and colors
  • We handle all customizations in-house
  • Change branding any time
  • Enhance your company’s communication and response time with our apps
  • Your customers see your branding and messages they already know
  • Fully customizable

All-In-One Secure Messaging, Forms and Rx Ordering Solution

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