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One solution for your entire organization at a low cost. Your department heads, nursing team, and the corporate team may all connect and begin exchanging patient health information using Mediprocity.
Your physicians and all prescribers may be added at no extra charge. It has been proven that secure messaging within healthcare improves profitability and patient outcomes.

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Improve profitability and patient outcomes with one simple solution for your entire organization. Allow your team to more effectively exchange patient health information to speed prescription coordination, increasing census, and complete the variety on communication tasks they have every day with Mediprocity. Your physicians and all prescribers may be added at no extra charge.

Prescribers Are Always Free on Mediprocity.   (M.D., D.O., NP, PA)

A Prescriber is defined as:

•    Prescription Authority or Independent prescription privileges for legend and schedule III-V drugs
•    Minor office procedures
•    Ability to hire and give orders to nurses

Independent prescribing (also called "prescriptive authority") is the ability of Physicians/Medical Doctors, advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to prescribe, without limitation, legend (prescription) and controlled drugs, devices, adjunct health/medical services, durable medical goods, and other equipment and supplies.

NEW Mediprocity Widget for Windows 10 operating systems

The new widget allows you to install Mediprocity directly on your Windows 10 operating system and no longer need to use a browser.  The widget will allow you to install a shortcut on your desktop and a thumbnail in your task bar for quick access. Notifications will be sent to your Windows notification center and display a banner.  If you add the thumbnail to your task bar new messages will display highlighted as a red badge number alerting you of new messages.

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