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Thoughtful technology integrations for staff and residents

By 03/03/2021 No Comments

McKnight’s Senior Living recently reported on the characteristics and ideals of an “optimal senior living community,” identified by more than 85 independent living, assisted living and memory care leaders who joined together recently at the International Council on Active Aging Forum. 

#3 on their list of future trends caught our eye:

“Integrate technology through all operations. Future demand means technology-enabled spaces for both staff and residents. Internet connections, software and hardware need to be available both indoors and outdoors. Wearable technologies, including activity trackers and heart rate monitors, and rooms outfitted with smart utilities, remote monitoring, voice-activated systems and in-house channels embedded in living and service areas, are important to future residents.”

We support this ideal strongly. We know that for long-term care, communications are also a core part of a facility-wide technology strategy. In order to meet those challenges, we have tailored our apps to the unique needs of long-term care providers and facilities.

Our Secure Messaging keeps teams, remote, and on-site staff connected with each other, providers, and the pharmacy with the ease of texting, reducing confusion, communication lags, and paperwork.

The ability to fill out forms from anywhere with Secure Forms eliminates the cumbersome back and forth of printed paperwork and faxing, plus no-touch, digital paperwork can play a central role in infection control as well, letting providers, family members, and applicants complete the necessary information without being on-site.

For the ease of residents, Secure Forms can also be completed bedside so residents do not have to venture out of the comfort of their rooms.

Our SureSent and SureCount (coming soon!) orders apps simplify another critical area of SNF and hospice care – Schedule II narcotics management. Together, these two apps enable emergent Schedule II narcotics signed orders to get to the pharmacy asap.

The pharmacy also has the ability to view the on-hand counts at a facility to anticipate well ahead of time when a patient is running low on important narcotic medications, so they can dispatch a delivery ahead of the need for an emergency call or using the on-site E-Kit.

Don’t overlook secure communications as part of your holistic approach to patient safety, well-being, and quality of care. Contact us today for more information.