Protect against diversion with SureCount narcotic control tool.

Prevent costly diversion mistakes and give the facility, pharmacy, and providers real-time updates on inventory counts.

Be proactive, not reactive

SureCount for pharmacies

SureCount lets your pharmacy work in a proactive way, instead of panicking in crisis mode.

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  • Automatic low quantity notifications alert your staff when controlled narcotic inventories run low at your facilities.
  • Ensure that patients never run out of critical medications.
  • Avoid stat runs.
  • Handle refills ahead of time.

SureCount for facilities

Track shift changes and narcotic counts online, on any device.

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  • Move off paper to a secured trackable system.
  • Exportable data for audits and compliance.
  • Destruction record alerts and secure capture.
  • Electronic sign on and sign off count sheets
  • Full admin rights for all resident accounts
  • Easy refill process to refresh inventory count.

SureCount for providers

Get real-time updates on residents’ medications.

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  • Receive automatic low quantity alerts.
  • Communicate with the facility and pharmacy instantly.
  • View any resident’s medication inventory from any mobile device.
  • View a list of medications and dosage for any resident from any mobile device.

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