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Software update 7/8/2020

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Updates to the mobile app and the desktop widget were part of this release.

If your mobile app or desktop widget are experiencing any issues, please make sure you are using the latest version. All the links for updating apps or our widget are available on our downloads page.

Additional updates:

  • “Unread Messages” three dot search menu in your discussions view will filter unread messages so you can access them easily.
  • Improvement to display of distribution lists in the Compose field.
  • Secure Forms may now be sent externally from your account to any email or mobile number. If you have Secure Forms, click your forms icon and click “Send Externally.”
  • Orders now allows you to have the OrderID and fax number in the prescriber’s request order to associate in your content management system.
  • Orders no longer require validation of a designee, meaning you can now send an order between a prescriber and pharmacy without copying in the nursing facility.
  • Orders request send menu now offers a “Show All” view.
  • Bug fixes.