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SnipIt tool released for widget version 1.4.5

By 10/14/2020 November 6th, 2020 No Comments

We are very excited to release our SnipIt tool for the desktop widget. Use this new tool to attach a screenshot, text, or images from any other desktop program to your Mediprocity messages or SureSent orders instantly and compliantly.

SnipIt is perfect for sharing a patient medication profile out of your EMR or a standing order. Have an order you need to fax? SnipIt instead and send to any prescriber instantly.

Are you using a pharmacy content management system or electronic medical records program and have important patient information you want to quickly share?  No problem – just SnipIt!

SnipIt is easy to use:

  1. Click on the paperclip in your message, or begin a new SureSent order.
  2. Click on the area you want to snip from another program.
  3. Hold down “Control+Shift+A” and then drag to snip.
  4. Add a markup (arrow, circle, etc.) and then click on the check mark to add the snip to your message or order.

Watch our quick overview video for more!