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Send, receive, and sign orders - including C2s - from any mobile device.

SureSent™ powered by Mediprocity helps healthcare professionals manage and resolve prescription orders with speed and efficiency, right from a mobile device.

Give time back to patient care.

SureSent™ powered by Mediprocity empowers healthcare professionals in all care settings to send routine and controlled prescription orders quickly, safely, and securely. A reduction in phone calls, faxes and manual transcription means more time spent with patients.

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See how fast orders can be

SureSent™ prescription orders can improve work flow.

If E-Rx or fax aren’t handy for the doctor, we’ve put the ability to place or approve an order right on their phone. Get signatures and clarifications fast.

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  • Fill emergency scripts (above the line requests or D letter requests) fast; ensuring that critical medications aren’t delayed due to communication difficulties.
  • Reach providers & facilities fast to resolve questions.
  • Lower fax costs, ease phone call traffic, hold times, and call backs.
  • Reduce time spent tracking down faxes or waiting on hold to reach a provider, pharmacist, or facility.
  • Handle refills and requests –store and track denied, accepted, pending and viewed orders as well as send reminders and follow-ups for refills and expirations.
  • Integrations with pharmacy content management systems, electronic medical records, and formularies.
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Send Rx orders - even Schedule IIs - directly to your pharmacy and facility, right from your phone

If ERx or a fax aren’t handy, SureSent’s easy-to-use interface:
  • scans prescriptions on your phone and sends them directly to the pharmacy
  • is easier than using a fax machine or scrolling through voice mails
  • keeps a HIPAA-compliant record of all orders
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  • SureSent is FREE for all prescribers. Always.
  • Facilities can initiate an order that you may review, deny, change or accept. SureSent stores and tracks all requests and categorizes them as completed, pending, or viewed.
  • Review a structured order request from a nurse or pharmacy and simply approved, deny, or change the order directly from the app!
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Stop wasting time returning calls and hunting down faxes.

Ensure your end-of-life patients don’t wait for critical medications. SureSent lets you send routine and controlled prescription orders quickly, safely, securely, and without a fax.

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  • Initiate a routine request, a scheduled control II – V request, or a refill, directly to the prescriber and LTC pharmacy at the same time, instantly.
  • SureSent stores and tracks all requests and categorizes them as completed, pending, or viewed.
  • SureSent integrates with your content management and electronic medical record systems as well as your pharmacy’s formulary.
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All-In-One Secure Messaging, Forms and Rx Ordering Solution

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