Streamline communications between care providers with Secure Messaging

Mediprocity messaging gives care providers a convenient way to share sensitive information more effectively, that’s secure, encrypted, and easily archived.

Work Faster and Easier with Your Team

Mediprocity messaging is built exclusively for care providers and their teams to boost quality of care and to reduce operating costs. Messaging provides seamless collaboration and peace of mind for users to safely share updates and ask questions, send or receive attachments, and converse with key members of the care team. There’s no phone tag or slow and costly faxing.

Apple iPhone, iPad and iMac showing various screens of the Mediprocity app.

Collaboration made simple and secure

Mediprocity’s secure messaging makes it easy for your team to give you feedback in real time. Every update will be automatically encrypted and stored in the cloud.

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Close-up detail of messaging app.
Close-up detail of messaging app with attachment uploaded

Easy Access to Every Important File

No more digging through email chains trying to find that one attachment. With a web-based centralized place for file storage, you will spend less time looking for files and have more time to focus on what matters.

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Quicker than voicemail or fax

Messaging on Mediprocity feels like texting, but it’s compliant! Have your pharmacy available at your fingertips…rapidly send and get responses to messages, and get confirmation your message was received.

Download the Secure Messaging flyer (PDF) for more details!

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Even More Features for Simple Secure Messaging

  • Attach many file and photo formats (pdf, xls, jpg, etc)
  • Instant message delivery & read confirmation
  • Easily invite & remove users from group chats
  • Familiar technology (just like texting)
  • Free for prescribers (MDs, DOs, NPs and PAs)
  • Low operating cost & no long-term contracts

All-In-One Secure Messaging, Forms and Rx Ordering Solution

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