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Mediprocity Partners with SoftWriters to Integrate into FrameworkLTC Platform

By 03/28/2022 No Comments

Mediprocity today announced a partnership with SoftWriters, the leading long-term care pharmacy management software provider.

The resulting integrations pave the way for pharmacy operations to have more dynamic, real-time communication with the facilities, prescribers, and patients they serve.

A survey conducted by Mediprocity found that over 30% of prescription orders in the long-term care market needed some form of clarification and follow-up before processing could proceed. Because of the nature of phones, email, and faxes, there are frequent delays in getting responses back, and survey respondents indicated that often three to four attempts are required to get appropriate information.

Secure messaging combines elements of text messaging and messaging applications – rapid back and forth discussions, mobile and desktop-based applications, and managed contact lists and permissions – with the security that complies with ISO 27001, SOC 2, HITRUST, and applicable legal and regulatory requirements such as HIPAA. This gives pharmacies, prescribers, and care providers a means to safely connect with each other to coordinate care quickly in contexts that weren’t previously possible.

“We’ve seen what secure messaging and the other services we provide can do for pharmacies. Reduced phone calls. Faster clarifications. Fewer lapses in communication. Higher customer satisfaction. Better patient care,” says Nicholas Magers, Mediprocity’s Co-Founder. “In a time when labor shortages at pharmacies and facilities alike are an increasing risk, anything that can simplify and speed up coordination between parties is incredibly important. Our partnership with SoftWriters ensures we are helping to do just that.”

The integration brings Mediprocity’s Secure Messaging into FrameworkECM and FrameworkVision. FrameworkECM, SoftWriters’ automated workflow and content management solution for long-term care pharmacies, can automatically – or with a single push of a button – bring files and messages from Mediprocity into its system, which allows for faster order entry and processing. FrameworkVision, the web-based application used to connect facilities with real-time pharmacy information and pharmacy staff, embeds Mediprocity’s chat into its application to make it easier for facility staff to use the messaging functionality.

Existing Mediprocity customers who wish to use the FrameworkECM integration can begin doing so at any time with version 1.0.417 or higher of the application; for FrameworkVision, they will need to contact SoftWriters to ensure they are upgraded to the Advanced tier of the product and on the appropriate version first. For SoftWriters customers not using Mediprocity yet, they can contact SoftWriters for more information about how to get set up with Mediprocity access.

“For so long, pharmacies have relied on traditional means, like fax, phone, and email, to communicate with their customers. Our partnership with Mediprocity helps open the door to modern communications and brings the functionality right into the FrameworkLTC product suite.” said Deepika Devarajan, Vice President, Product at SoftWriters. “Integrating Mediprocity’s Secure Messaging into our products saves time and improves efficiency – a critical need in today’s tight labor market.”

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