In response to the needs of healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 outbreak, Mediprocity is opening up our services through June 1 to support long-term care prescribers, facilities, and pharmacies. If you have communication needs similar to anything below, let us know.

Our helpdesk is here for you – email us at [email protected] anytime for help.

​1. I need to get in touch with another Mediprocity user
Contact us at [email protected] with the name, email/phone number of the person who you need to connect with on Mediprocity, and we can activate the connection for you. See #1 below for more info.
2. I need to send something to someone who is not on Mediprocity
Mediprocity has a feature called guest messaging. It allows you to message anyone if you have their phone number or email. Just email [email protected] with their name and email/phone number, and we will get them set up for you. See #2 below for details.
3. I need to send prescriptions to the pharmacy
We can turn on our orders module and so you can send routine and controls orders (Schedule II-V) asap from your mobile device. See #3 below for more info.
4. I need to get someone onto Mediprocity
Email us the person’s name, phone number and/or email, and we will send them an invitation and get them set up for you. See #4 below for details.

#1. If you’re having problems communicating with another Mediprocity user, we have a variety of ways to help. For example, if someone has not accepted your connection request, if you are unsure if they are receiving your messages, or if they are having trouble logging in, please send us an email describing the problem and the other Mediprocity user who you’re having a problem communicating with. We will reach out to the person for you. We can activate connection requests, reset credentials or troubleshoot any issues you or they are having.

#2. To send something to someone who is not a Mediprocity user, like an image or file to a facility or doctor, or if you need to contact the DON or another doctor, let us know the person’s contact information and we will get them set up with a guest message account right away. If you need to send sensitive information to anyone not using Mediprocity, like a file or a short communication we can turn on guest messaging for you, free for up to 100 sessions. Please [email protected] and let us know you need Guest Messaging.

#3. If you need to get a completed order to an LTC pharmacy remotely (including Schedule II-V), we can turn on our new orders module (SureSent) for you free of charge for up to 100 completed orders. An LTC pharmacy or facility can also create and send an order request (including controlled substances) to your mobile device. As a prescriber, you can complete, change, or deny the request. Additionally, you can generate and send an order from your mobile using SureSent. Please send us an email requesting SureSent, and include the name of your LTC pharmacy, a contact person at the pharmacy, and a contact name at the skilled nursing or hospice facility.

#4. If you need to add on some of your office staff, nursing staff, your IT staff, or other colleagues, please send us an email requesting to add them to Mediprocity, and include their name and email or phone number. During this time of uncertainty, we are happy to extend complementary accounts to anyone in long-term care. Additionally, prescribers (MDs, DOs, PAs and NPs) accounts are always free on Mediprocity.