New User Registration

This is the simple information users need to use to register accounts on Mediprocity.

Non-Prescriber         Prescriber  
 1. Email address                    1. Email address       
 2. First / Last name  2. First / Last name  
 3. Mobile number  3. State License # or DEA #  
4.  User creates password  4. Year graduated from medical school  
5.  User creates encryption key      5. Mobile number  
6.  List organization  6. Office Address  
7.  Choose credentials  7. Mobile number  
   8. User creates password  
   9. User creates encryption key  
  10. Select credentials  

Registration of Accounts takes about 1-2 minutes.

Go to the main website, if the user is contracted as part of a paying Mediprocity organization, please wait for your super admin invitation.  If the user has already signed up, have the user log back into the main website and/or go to the profile icon on the app and accept their invite to join their organization.

  • Passwords - must have 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 symbol, 1 number and be 8 characters in length
  • Encryption Keys - must have 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 symbol, 1 number and be 8 characters in length
  • The Password and Encryption Key may not be the same.

Download the free Mediprocity App on mobile device

Go to the App store for Apple or Google play store for Android and download by searching: Mediprocity

Note: you must have your Apple ID or sign into Google to download.

For Apple users, if you do not wish to enter a credit card simply click here to create an account.

Always allow "push" notifications with Apple

Make sure notifications are set to "on" under application manager for Android

Request a connection

Select connections, type in user name, select user and click connect.  The user will receive a request and can accept and/or deny.

Accepting a connection

From app - go to activity icon - click on request and accept or deny.

From browser - go to connections and then on the left look for incoming requests on the right side under search for colleagues.

Personalize Profile

Add your own avatar or corporate logo along with your personal information.

Determine the best notification setting for you, mobile app is always set "on" when installed.  SMS will send a notice to your mobile, must have your phone number entered to enabled.  Email will send a notice to the email you have on file.

Send Us An Email
DO NOT add any patient health information here. We will follow up with you to discuss any PHI or security credentials. DO NOT share any PHI or any credentials in this help desk ticket. Thank you!

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