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Using mobile devices today in healthcare is no longer an option but an absolute. Integrating clinical communication improves workflow.

There is a lot of change going on within the healthcare sector.  With value-based payments and new technologies to meet meaningful use and security rules fully underway, it is more important than ever to focus on patient engagement and rapid communication.

The rise of the mobile phone and tablet has helped multiple care teams communicate which can reduce mistakes.  Clarifications and Authorizations to orders can happen immediately and this will lead to increased productivity when using simple secure mobile technology for communication.

That is why it is critical that interoperability begins to take shape across technology. Even if your entire staff is using mobile technology, if they do not have a pathway to use that technology or a streamlined way of moving that data the result may turn out poor.

Effective clinical communication requires all staff 'buy-in' and use the technology. It also should allow key components to your technology to be able to communicate with one another as well.  That is why Mediprocity has already integrated into secure email, answering services, electronic medical records (eMAR), and pharmacy software solutions.

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