WiFi most definitely drains a battery, and many users wish to keep it off.  If this is necessary you may turn on SMS notifications from your profile on the desktop/web for Mediprocity.  This will send you an SMS text notification so you can keep WiFi off.
If you start to use the app, simply turn WiFi back on, and then off when done.


iPhone Tricks:
1.    Turn off Facetime:  Settings > FaceTime
2.    Turn off AirDrop:  Swipe up from bottom - click AirDrop Contacts - turn off
3.    Apps - go to settings - Background App Refresh - turn off all non-essential apps. These run in background and drain battery. (keep Mediprocity on however)
4.    Disable Auto Updates
5.    Settings - iTunes & App Store - select which ones
6.    Turn off frequent locations:  settings / privacy / location services / system services -> turn off frequent locations
7.    Turn off Share my location
8.    Settings / privacy / location services / share my location
9.    If you use iCloud - turn off sync and auto sync
10.    Settings / iCloud / Photos
11.    Settings / General / Accessibility (turn most off, not needed)
12.    Disable Auto-Brightness - settings / display / reduce brightness
13.    Use Dynamic basic wallpaper - not personal images
14.    Disable Locations
15.    settings / privacy / locations services
16.    Settings / Privacy / Diagnostics & Usage - make sure on don't send
17.    Settings / Mail / Disable Push Option, set to every 15 minutes
18.    Make sure Bluetooth is off
19.    Make sure ALL apps that are not used are closed.  Double press the main button and swipe up open apps.
20.    Phones left in pockets use more battery as they heat up - keep phone in moderate temperature location.

External Batteries are key - you can purchase these and charge on the go!
There are tons of stores that have options, here is one from Brookstone:


Android Tricks:
There are so many versions of Android, if you have issues contact Mediprocity and we can assist in more detail.  Need your phone model and operating system.
Click link with general ideas on Android.

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