Easily transform your inefficient paper forms into secure online forms instantly.

Mediprocity’s secure forms transform your company's paper forms into HIPAA-compliant, secure web forms with a secure web link accessible from anywhere.

Expedite form completion and optimize patient care.

Mediprocity secure forms eliminates the chaos of paperwork allows you and your team to focus on patient care, without jeopardizing data quality. Traditional paper forms isolate patient data, resulting in tedious filing and human error. With Mediprocity’s secure forms, you can digitally gather data – ensuring crucial information is captured.

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Eliminate tedious paper-based processes and create exceptional patient experiences.

Mediprocity’s secure forms fill the paper gaps between your systems and eliminates administrative bottlenecks to patient care. Automatically redirect forms to the right people and data to connected systems, share completed forms, and more.

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Securely capture sensitive patient data on any device, anywhere

Mediprocity’s secure forms digitizes your healthcare forms in minutes for HIPAA-secure use on phones, tablets and computers. Accelerate patient intake and processing by digitally submitting, storing, and sharing forms.

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Even More Features for Secure Forms

  • Save progress & return later functionality
  • Accessible from any device
  • Customize forms with your logo & colors
  • Legally-binding “ink” signatures
  • Confirmation when form is completed
  • Export as PDF, XML, Excel, CSV and SQL formats
  • Archived per HIPAA and HITECH guidelines

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