Updates & New Features

Podcast Episode 5

The latest Big Ideas Need Great Operators (BINGO) podcast episode features Raymond Van Rooyen and Josh Futrell from SoftWriters.

Mediprocity is proud to announce our partnership with SoftWriters to integrate secure messaging into the FrameworkECM and FrameworkVision solutions. The new SoftWriters and Mediprocity partnership will reduce communication lapses, adding efficiency and accuracy to prescription filling processes and enhancing pharmacy operations.

We discuss the benefits of the new Mediprocity and SoftWriters integration and what it means for customers of FrameworkECM and FrameworkVision both now and in the future.

Listen to the whole podcast here.

Route faxes directly to your Mediprocity account

In response to feedback from our customers, Mediprocity’s newest feature lets you skip the fax machine and route faxes directly into your Mediprocity messages! We listened to your comments and suggestions, and customized Mediprocity to receive an incoming fax from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Ditch the slow paper fax machine. Use Mediprocity instead for paperless, instant fax communications. Our fax server will check the queue every 2 minutes and convert all incoming fax attachments into a PDF attached to a Mediprocity message.

You can view a fax through our web or widget portal, mobile app or have it push into one of our many software integrations, all HIPAA-securely.

The fax integration screen inside Mediprocity.

It is as simple as adding in your fax # in your organization’s settings and listing which user (or users) incoming faxes should route to.  You may create a “new” dedicated fax number or “port” over your existing number to our fax service.

Receive any fax as a secure, PDF attachment in a Mediprocity message sent to one user or to multiple users. Mediprocity will check your fax queue every 2 minutes so you never miss a communication.

For DocuTrack users, a PDF of completed forms appears right in your on-screen DocuTrack interface. A permanent, HIPAA-secure PDF is also kept in your Mediprocity account.

Contact us today to learn more! Setup is quick and easy with a one-time setup fee, and monthly transactional fees apply the same as any HIPAA secure fax service.


Software update 11/4/2020

In this update, we made several upgrades and added features based on user feedback. Highlights include enhanced message search capabilities, the ability to star a message to prioritize and find it quickly, and a new fast way to access our library of support and tutorial videos.

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SnipIt tool released for widget version 1.4.5

We are very excited to release our SnipIt tool for the desktop widget. Use this new tool to attach a screenshot, text, or images from any other desktop program to your Mediprocity messages or SureSent orders instantly and compliantly.

SnipIt is perfect for sharing a patient medication profile out of your EMR or a standing order. Have an order you need to fax? SnipIt instead and send to any prescriber instantly.

Are you using a pharmacy content management system or electronic medical records program and have important patient information you want to quickly share?  No problem – just SnipIt!

SnipIt is easy to use:

  1. Click on the paperclip in your message, or begin a new SureSent order.
  2. Click on the area you want to snip from another program.
  3. Hold down “Control+Shift+A” and then drag to snip.
  4. Add a markup (arrow, circle, etc.) and then click on the check mark to add the snip to your message or order.

Watch our quick overview video for more!