Spring 2022 Newsletter

Did you know that 30% of LTC prescription orders need at least one follow-up before they can be filled?
That’s a lot of voice mails. And emails. And faxes.
Mediprocity can route your incoming faxes into instant, secure messages that are sent right to your mobile device or pharmacy workstation.
Send us an email to [email protected] and ask us how you can break free from faxing.Stay well,
Your Medrocity Team

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Holiday 2020 Newsletter

As we approach the holidays, we are reflecting back on one of the toughest years for long-term care ever, and we are looking forward to a safer, brighter 2021. We also have new and exciting features and services coming early in the year!

Thank you to the front-line workers who accept risk every day for the sake of those they serve. You are our heros.

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Fall 2020 Newsletter

Happy fall! 
As we close out the last few months of 2020, all of us here at Mediprocity are grateful for all our customers, and for all of the front-line workers in long-term care who put themselves at risk every day to keep others safe.
It’s our privilege to support your communication and compliance needs.
We have an exciting new tool to share with you named SnipIt, that makes it even easier to share items from your desktop.
We hope you enjoy our new podcast, Bingo!, interviews industry leaders and deep-dives into topics like health policy, quality of care, adopting innovation, and employee satisfaction.

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