Fall 2023 Newsletter

One thing we like to do is collect feedback from our customers and take action on the improvements and features you suggest to us. We are thrilled with the very positive things you have to say about SureCount, our newest tool.

Facilities love SureCount because it protects against diversion and tracks shift changes online.

Pharmacies love SureCount because it sends automatic low quantity alerts and helps avoid costly stat runs.

Everyone loves our introductory pricing, but it won’t be available for long. Ask for a demo today and lock in your low rate!


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Summer 2023 Newsletter

Plan ahead now for an easier, less stressful fall season!

Turn your vaccine clinic paper forms into secure online forms this summer.

Secure online forms can eliminate paperwork and can ensure that forms aren’t returned with missing information.

Or, be proactive against diversion, stat runs and e-kit pulls with our newest solution, SureCount, that gives the facility, pharmacy, and providers real-time updates on inventory counts.

Reach out to us today for more ideas and solutions to make the fall of 2023 a success.

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Spring 2023 Newsletter

This spring, we are debuting two NEW solutions that solve a decades-old problem for facilities and pharmacies alike – narcotic inventory and diversion.

The new SureCount software and SureCount E-Kit are powerful tools for tracking narcotic inventory and preventing diversion.

These two products are tailored to the needs of our LTC customers and based off of your feedback about your biggest challenges and headaches.

Want to learn more? Contact us for a demo and introductory pricing.

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Fall 2022 Newsletter

Our newest product launch is a carefully tailored tool that was created specifically for long-term care, and based off of direct feedback from our customers.

SureCount solves serious issues around narcotic diversion that LTC facilities and pharmacies contend with and offers accountability and inventory control on narcotics.

Another step away from risky, slow, paper recordkeeping. We are excited to share it with you in early 2023!

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