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First annual Mediprocity/Mueller Med yacht rock happy hour

Mediprocity + Mueller MED teamed up for the Missouri Health Care Association’s 75th Annual Convention & Trade Show, in Branson, Missouri, to throw our first annual yacht rock-themed happy hour. Great to see so many of our customers and partners there! The event was a big success and we plan to take this show on the road in 2024!

Check out the event highlights online:

Are your communications tools designed with LTC in mind?

Some of our customers occasionally use Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, or other tools to communicate with teams and providers. But using these tools often leaves your company open to risk.

Recently a Teams weakness was discovered that can transmit all communications in plain text – a big risk for LTC users. Two articles about this issue were published online recently:

Undermining Microsoft Teams Security by Mining Tokens

Microsoft Teams deemed unsafe to use by security researchers

We recommend that our customers who are at risk talk this issue over with their IT departments and consider a better tool for secure messaging.

LTC communications needs are more complex than a one-size-fits-all solution like Teams.

Staying on top of HIPAA is a constant consideration in health care. Do the tools that you use understand and address the exacting rules and regulations of the industry?

Mediprocity is tailored for the needs and regulations of LTC, including closed-door pharmacies, long-term care facilities, hospice care, and memory care, and designed to make instant messaging and sharing of files and PHI safe and secure.

How much paperwork will your fall vaccine clinics generate?

As the season changes to fall, your pharmacy is probably gearing up for flu and Covid vaccine clinics.

But will your clinics generate a ton of paperwork for your staff to deal with?

This year, why not convert your paper forms to secure online documents with Mediprocity?

All your vaccine administration paperwork, including consent forms, could be completed securely and quickly online instead of on paper!

Route completed forms as PDFs directly into your pharmacy management software or desktop folders.

Check out example online forms for:

Or, use Mediprocity’s dashboard tool to view all your form data on one screen and export to Excel for audits and reporting.

Contact us to learn more.

Route faxes directly to your Mediprocity account

In response to feedback from our customers, Mediprocity’s newest feature lets you skip the fax machine and route faxes directly into your Mediprocity messages! We listened to your comments and suggestions, and customized Mediprocity to receive an incoming fax from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Ditch the slow paper fax machine. Use Mediprocity instead for paperless, instant fax communications. Our fax server will check the queue every 2 minutes and convert all incoming fax attachments into a PDF attached to a Mediprocity message.

You can view a fax through our web or widget portal, mobile app or have it push into one of our many software integrations, all HIPAA-securely.

The fax integration screen inside Mediprocity.

It is as simple as adding in your fax # in your organization’s settings and listing which user (or users) incoming faxes should route to.  You may create a “new” dedicated fax number or “port” over your existing number to our fax service.

Receive any fax as a secure, PDF attachment in a Mediprocity message sent to one user or to multiple users. Mediprocity will check your fax queue every 2 minutes so you never miss a communication.

For DocuTrack users, a PDF of completed forms appears right in your on-screen DocuTrack interface. A permanent, HIPAA-secure PDF is also kept in your Mediprocity account.

Contact us today to learn more! Setup is quick and easy with a one-time setup fee, and monthly transactional fees apply the same as any HIPAA secure fax service.