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Secure Forms helps facilities with contactless Covid-19 symptom surveys

Asking facility visitors and employees about Covid-19 and other infectious disease exposure and symptoms before they step foot inside any facility is a critical safety measure for long-term care facilities.

We can customize our Secure Forms tool to your own specific, unique questions and needs, which can vary with different states, counties, towns and facilities.

You can survey visitors (and protect sensitive information) with one simple step Рtext or email a link to share your screening form securely to any mobile device or computer, instantly. They complete the form, click submit, and you receive and store their answers immediately and compliantly.

Our Secure Forms page has more details, and you can always contact us directly for more information or to tell us more about your individual needs.

Secure Notify Launch

In response to the needs of our customers to meet the updated Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) COVID-19 Reporting Rule announced on May 8, 2020, Mediprocity launched a new tool, Secure Notify. This new tool combines our Guest Messaging service with our Distribution List functionality to create a tool to help facilities easily create and manage required CMS notifications.

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Software update 5/12/2020

In this update, we made several upgrades and added features based on user feedback. Highlights include enhanced message search capabilities, the ability to star a message to prioritize and find it quickly, and a new fast way to access our library of support and tutorial videos.

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