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Protect your company and employees from audits in 2024

For more than a decade, Mediprocity’s mission has been to build secure communication tools that aim to protect patient health information and improve workflow in the long-term care community.

Our vision is to build unique technologies for robust secure messaging, static and automated secure forms, narcotic orders, inventory tracking, integrations, and reporting.

Letting our mission and vision guide us, we have developed best-in-class technology for our customers so that their employees can stop using unencrypted email, outdated faxes, and unsecure texts/SMS to exchange patient health information (PHI).

It is important to remind healthcare professionals that the Office of Civil Rights and state surveyors are fully back into audit mode, and if your organization is not HIPAA-compliant, you will be fined and penalized. Even with the threat of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), who govern HIPAA, as well as state surveyor visits, it has been a challenge for the companies we work with to ensure their employees are using the proper technologies legally and securely.

Two technologies that are often used in long-term care, WhatsApp and iMessage, are favorites because they are easy to use and encrypted. However, encryption alone is not HIPAA compliant.

That’s where we come in.

During the pandemic, emergency declarations by the U.S. government allowed unsecure communications in critical situations. These temporary allowances are no longer in effect, and once again many technologies in use don’t meet HIPAA and Hitech requirements that are back in full force.

Please review the emergency use authorization timeline below:

  • January 31, 2020: The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared a public health emergency (PHE) due to COVID-19, activating the PREP Act.
  • February 4, 2020: The FDA issued the first EUA for a COVID-19 test under the PREP Act.
  • Subsequent months: EUAs were issued for various COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, and other medical products.
  • May 11, 2023: The HHS Secretary formally declared the termination of the COVID-19 PHE, resulting in several changes:
    • The PREP Act’s liability protections for EUA products ceased.
    • EUAs for COVID-19 products were no longer in effect, with some exceptions.
    • Certain EUA products transitioned to full FDA approval or other regulatory pathways.

Now there is a new threat to add to the list, which is employee whistleblowers. For example, if an employee reports to the organization that unsecure technology is in use and the organization fails to act, or employees continue to ignore the calls from corporate to fall into compliance, a company can open themselves up to direct civil lawsuits.

If a whistleblower employee’s employment is terminated, they can bring a wrongful termination lawsuit as well. These types of suits can be between $50,000 and $100,000 in claims on the low end, not to mention the time and cost for the legal proceedings and protections.

The reason for this story is as we embark on a new year, 2024, to remind our customers that all healthcare professionals and organizations must meet the compliance standards set forth in the Omnibus law and Hitech Act.

Remind your staff and organization that not only can they be reported to the government, which can trigger an audit, but a state survey could result in an expensive and dangerous F-Tag or IJ tag.

If you are looking for a reboot on your secure messaging or online secure forms processes, Mediprocity has you fully covered!

If you want to take your security further, protect your narcotic tracking, and remove the redundant paper you use in conjunction with your electronic medical record, SureCount, our new narcotics and shift change tracking tool, is your answer.

Contact us for further information at [email protected] today! We are here to help.

Fall 2023 Newsletter

One thing we like to do is collect feedback from our customers and take action on the improvements and features you suggest to us. We are thrilled with the very positive things you have to say about SureCount, our newest tool.

Facilities love SureCount because it protects against diversion and tracks shift changes online.

Pharmacies love SureCount because it sends automatic low quantity alerts and helps avoid costly stat runs.

Everyone loves our introductory pricing, but it won’t be available for long. Ask for a demo today and lock in your low rate!


View the full Fall 2023 Newsletter online.

RedSail Technologies Announces Improved User Experience for DocuTrack Secure Messaging Interface, Powered by Mediprocity

RedSail Technologies Announces Improved User Experience for DocuTrack Secure Messaging Interface, Powered by Mediprocity

(Spartanburg, SC – 10/3/2023) RedSail Technologies is excited to announce an enhanced user experience for customers of its premier product, DocuTrack, thanks to a pivotal partnership with Mediprocity. The new DocuTrack interface offers robust Mediprocity features that promise instant, HIPAA-secure collaboration among various healthcare professionals – including pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, nurse teams, prescribers, and DONs.

The modern healthcare industry is marked by its swift pace and the urgent need for seamless communication. Gone are the days of leaving voicemails and manually sorting through stacks of faxes. As the trend shifts toward efficient, paperless communication, RedSail Technologies is at the forefront, partnering with Mediprocity to provide tools to modernize and streamline vital interactions.

Key Features & Benefits:

Instant Collaboration: Directly from the DocuTrack interface, users can send messages, images, Rx order clarifications, and documents in a way that feels just like texting – instantly and securely. Mediprocity secure message contents can be placed and saved easily onto DocuTrack documents for future reference or audit reviews.

Enhanced Communications: With the power of Mediprocity secure messaging, users can eliminatethe need for traditional faxes, phone calls, and voicemails. The integrated interface ensures that you can send files and messages right from the DocuTrack screen, ensuring rapid problem-solving, quick answers, and improved coordination of care.

Secure Forms Integration: Administrative tasks are now simplified, as paperwork transitions to secure, online web forms. Accessible from any device, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the data from these completed forms integrates seamlessly into the DocuTrack management screen. Pharmacies and facilities can breathe a sigh of relief as tasks like admissions notifications, HIPAA release forms, and vaccine consents become straightforward.

SureCount Narcotic Control Tool: This feature addresses the pressing need for accurate narcotic control. It not only aids in preventing diversion errors but also offers real-time updates on inventory counts. Facilities can transition confidently away from paper-based systems, knowing that they can track shifts and narcotic counts online. Plus, with automated low-quantity alerts, facilities and pharmacies can eliminate costly stat runs and ensure that patients never go without critical medications.

“This collaboration with Mediprocity is not just about streamlining processes; it’s about enhancing patient care, ensuring transparency, and significantly reducing operational costs. We’re proud to be part of this revolution in pharmacy software solutions,” says Eddie Buchanan, Product Manager at RedSail Technologies.

“We hear extremely positive feedback from all our customers on the new secure messaging experience that DocuTrack 7.1.11 is offering, says Nicholas Magers, Mediprocity’s CSO. Recently, Mick Blazier, R.Ph., PharmD., director of operations for Everspring Pharmacy, told us,

‘The Docutrack Interface has changed the way Everspring is able to implement Mediprocity into our daily workflow for the better. The Docutrack interface makes the use of Mediprocity much more efficient and easier to use which streamlines the work of our pharmacy employees.’”

To learn more or schedule your upgrade to DocuTrack 7.1.11 and the transformative features it offers, contact [email protected].


About RedSail Technologies

RedSail Technologies, a trusted innovator in pharmacy software, is transforming patient care. Empowering over 10,000 pharmacies serving more than 8 million patients monthly, RedSail has deep experience with the needs and concerns of pharmacy across sectors – community, long-term care, outpatient, clinic, HME/DME, and specialty pharmacies – and their pharma, payer, and strategic industry partners.

Knowing the heart of pharmacy is the desire to provide meaningful patient care, RedSail makes daily pharmacy operations more seamless through advanced pharmacy management systems, transactional and medical billing services, and patient engagement solutions. Our leading brands, including PioneerRx®, groundbreaking Axys® long-term care pharmacy software, PowerLine®, TransactRx®, and QS/1®, provide the efficiency and industry integration that liberate pharmacists to focus on patients.


About Mediprocity, Inc

Mediprocity is modernizing the way long-term healthcare professionals communicate with each other by innovating communications tools for long term care, hospice, home health, skilled nursing, and LTC pharmacy.

Mediprocity uses our deep understanding and experience from 10+ years working with LTC medical, regulatory, pharmacy, and nursing to develop tools specialized for pharmacies, facilities, and prescribers for faster communication and to improve patient and resident care outcomes at lower operating costs.

Our secure messaging, secure forms, mobile Rx orders, and narcotic control tools are built on a HIPAA-compliant platform and enable users to coordinate text, images, Rx orders, and documents instantly and securely.

First annual Mediprocity/Mueller Med yacht rock happy hour

Mediprocity + Mueller MED teamed up for the Missouri Health Care Association’s 75th Annual Convention & Trade Show, in Branson, Missouri, to throw our first annual yacht rock-themed happy hour. Great to see so many of our customers and partners there! The event was a big success and we plan to take this show on the road in 2024!

Check out the event highlights online: