Mediprocity is composed of team of experts, entrepreneurs, providers, and leaders passionate about innovating communication tools for long term care, hospice, home health, skilled nursing, and pharmacy.

We are committed to offering communications tools that are specialized for long term care and promote faster communication between pharmacies and providers, improve patient and resident care, all at lower operating costs.

Mediprocity offers HIPAA-compliant secure messaging, forms, and orders services focused on the long-term care industry and its supporting industries. Our services are available on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices, offering users the ability to communicate text, images, and documents instantly and securely.

Our team has a deep understanding of medicine, long term care, pharmacy, and nursing providers. The solutions we create are centered on the most prevalent, pressing communications concerns of our clients and their industries. Our services and technology are responsive to our customers’ feedback and evolving needs. We are modernizing the way long term healthcare professionals communicate with each other.

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